Patryk Banach

currently I work as a composer at Tshask (film. video games, theatre etc.), lead a pop-oriented music production team at Wherefore Productions, help some friends with releasing their music at my micro label Left Eye Blind Records, and manage (besides producing) the band Afekty (selected for the TIDAL rising programme 2023)

if you'd like to make a record just send me an email at

alternatively, here's my instagram

selected projects and collaborations:

Ola Budzyńska
(production / mixing / mastering)
(production / mixing / mastering)
(songwriting / production / mixing / mastering)

WOLSKA(songwriting / engineering / production / mixing)
(engineering / co-production / mixing)
(mixing / mastering)
Basia Siciarek & Helena Pyłka(mixing / mastering)
Norbert Wronka
(songwriting / production / mixing)
iga casp
(songwriting / production / mixing)
(SZANIAWSKI / dir. Michał Buszewicz)
(composition /  production)
dj kopiec kreta
(songwriting / production / mixing)
(most of everything)
Tshask Sound Studio(in-house composer / sound designer)
Petrol Blood
(composition /  production)
Sound and Wave studio(assistant engineer)
Rzeczpospolita Modernistyczna(music edition)
Gord(music edition)
Bang On Balls(composition /  production / sound design)
Crypt0 Mayhem(composition /  production)